31 August 2007

NBC/Universal to pull shows from iTunes; no more Battlestar Glactica or Hereos

NBC/Universal and the popular iTunes will part ways, after a new deal cannot be struck between the two. This means all of NBC’s shows and others produced by parent company, Universal -such as Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and The Office - will no longer be available to download off of iTunes.

The network’s iTunes contract ends on December 31, but since that falls in the middle of the season, Apple has decided to end its deal before the new TV season begins September 24. However, all shows that are currently on iTunes will remain until the end of the year.

The reason behind this is cost, as according to Apple, NBC/Universal (along with other networks and studios with the exception of ABC because Apple founder Steve Jobs is on Disney’s board) wants to charge more for their product. Apple wants to keep the cost consistent, at a $1.99 -and which has kept the site so popular, but NBC wants to charge as much as $4.99 an episode.

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