26 August 2007


Stardust is no Princess Bride, yet the film is far superior to most that is being offered to the general audience these day, however it takes a bit to get going.

Still, there is some sly humor here and there is some chemistry between the very pretty Claire Danes, and the handsome Charlie Cox and his bee-stung lips. I’ve yet to read the book the film is based on, but I’ve read other Gaiman novels, and find his approach to fantasy very different from most. He likes to upset the balance and see what happens, with characters that are very different from the norm.

The rest of the cast does well, especially Robert DeNiro in a scene stealing role as Captain Shakespeare (and one character created just for the film). Michelle Pfeiffer is wonderful as a witch in search of eternal youth. So, despite the juggling of many genres that can cause a little confusion, it still has enough excitement, some great humor and some good performances to make a lively, and fun time at the movies.

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