10 August 2007


So, for the few that come here, those some might know of my love for twinks. Yet, for some reason, Zac Efron does nothing for me. He looks so Disney - I mean, so plain, and made. Like a Frankenstein creature. And in that Rolling Stone cover on the top photo proves it even more. Too much bronzer, too much makeup and too much photo enhancing. Blah.

Granted he does have a nice body, and if I was a guessing man, a gambling man, I would say he plays on our team. But that is just wild specualtion, after all, not every guy that makes musicals are gay. But on the other hand, if Zac wants to be an "actor", he'll need to stop doing these pictures. Disney already has High School Musical 3 in the works and he's doing a motion picture version of the broadway muscial Footloose -'cause it's not a remake of the Kevin Bacon film.

So, I guess I like twinks because they've won the genetic lottery, but at the end of the day, I like my boys a little dirty.

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