09 December 2008

And on a pale horse Corruption rode in, and its name was Blagojevich!

I should not be surprised by the politics in my former home state of Illinois. The Democrats have held the state for some 50 years, and while Springfield is our capital, everything that happens in that state must go through Chicago and Cook County.

While I am a bit surprised at today's criminal complaint against Governor Rod Blagojevich, I sit back and wonder, should I? After all, Illinois and Cook County have a long history of fraud.

He's been accused of conspiracy to defraud the State of Illinois and violation of Federal Funds. Plus, he seems to be putting up the soon to be vacated senate seat of incoming President-elect Obama up for sale.

Plus, the wire taps. Oh the wire taps, where he uses the F word like Halloween candy, handing it out on almost everything and everyone. I had rumors after he was elected in 2002 (and where I voted for him) that he was a prick and an idiot, but after I moved away, I sort thought little of him.

Like some, I'm hoping he resigns. Still even if he sets in his heels and lets them impeach him, all the dirty laundry of what he's done is going to come out. It's going to be worse than George Ryan (and will probably make Ryan's stuff look like grade school bullying. Hey, I voted for him also).

I mean, there's his attacks at the Tribune Company (who just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy) and his unwillingness to help them unless he got something out it; trying to get a Tribune employee, a critic of him, fired.

Yep, politics as usual in Illinois. And you know, the Daley's, both Richard J and Richard M, have had control of the Office of Mayor of Chicago for 40 out the last 55 years. Both have had their critics and rumors of corruption. Still, like any good politician, you let others do your dirty work. Rod was bold, it seems. He did it himself.

Dick Durbin is right when he says the state needs to act fast to have a special election to fill in for President-elect Obama's senate seat. Because while Rod "Fucker" Blagojevich still has the power to put someone in that seat, it will not be credible.

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