21 December 2008

Weekend Update

As winter officially began to day, Sunday turned out to be the nicest and warmest day in little over a week. Strange, really. Still, we never reached 68, which is the normal, average temp during this time of year, but you know, I'll go with it.

Saturday I spent just lounging around the house, really doing nothing. I read, listened to some music and eventually went to the store for some food for the official HFP Holiday party. At Rob and Beo's, a good time was had as food and drink went around. There was Twister game going on in the studio, where the web cam is and about 10 or so HF fans watched the fun; Jenn hosted What Where They Thinking game, Star Trek Edition.

I saw Stephen there for the first time since Adam's birthday, and he looked good. I'm still concerned for his health after his accident several months ago. It appears after he fainted and hit his head at the doctors office, he more or less suffered some brain damage, as he said. It seems most of it is his dizziness and migraines. I'm guessing he's planning some sorft of legal action, as the doctor apparently did not follow all procedures that seemed to lead to this accident.

But all in all, it was a fun party. Rob had tons of food left over, a plenty of booze. Sharon's husband Rupert -a man of all of 120lbs - got stinking drunk and refunded it into the toliet. And met the adorkable Daniel Chan, who composed the title theme of our Federation One show.

Got home at 2, which is late for me and went to bed right away.

Today I continued my weekend of just lazing around, though I had to do laundry.

My goodness, I lead a life of Riley.

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