21 December 2008


Today was the Winter Solstice, which meant it was the shortest day (as in day light) and tonight the longest night. The good thing, from tomorrow on, the days grow longer. Unfortunately, you won't really notice the days getting longer until late February and then, the first weekend of March we go to Daylight Savings.

I like the extra hour of sleep and I like the extra hour of daylight. So, while I can't have my cake and eat it too, I still wish both worked where I did not lose an hour sleep and spend nearly seven months sleep deprived.

I was over at Davey Wavey's site today and him and his guest talked about New Years Resolutions. I don't usually make then, if only because I'm genetically inclined to be a procrastinator. Well, that's my story anyways.

But as the New Year approaches, I do ponder what -if anything - I can and should do to improve my health. While I'm not fat, I'm filling out more and more. I lack motivation, of course, which makes me realize I need someone to push me to do some exercise.

Plus, with my concave chest, how much can I really flatten my belly?

Anyways, I'm preparing a list (I hope) that I'll present in 10 days hence as what 2009 will be for me. In meantime, just remember while winter has just begun, the days -eventually - grow longer and the cold breath of the arctic will slide back north and the next thing you know it will be spring.

Trust me.

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