08 December 2008

Weekend stuff

On Saturday, we finished work on episode 2.01 of The Helena Chronicles. It's my second episode (and fourth story) I've directed for the series. While we had Ben, who is relocating in the near future, making his availability in 2009 questionable, we filmed all his sequences for 2.02 and 2.03. In theory, the stuff he did for 2.03 could not actually get released for next 8 to ten months!

It was also the last filming for for 2008. We should resume sometime in mid January on the season opener of Odyssey.

In some ways, I'm glad we're done. We've done filming on almost every weekend in October and November (and the weekend before Thanksgiving, we filmed on both Saturday and Sunday). As much as I complained to myself of not doing something on the weekends before I joined HF Productions, too many weekends filming is also tedious. Being a loner can be a bitch sometime, I guess.

On Sunday, I did what I have been wanting to do for a while, which was to bake cookies. Not for the holiday season we are in, mind you, just because cookies are getting expensive, and I'm bound not to give them up. It's cheaper thank cigarettes, I guess.

Beyond that, it was a typical Sunday, though cool and cloudy here in SoCal.

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