17 December 2008

More rain, more cool weather, more snow in the high desert, more yucky

After a calm, yet cool day yesterday, the huge low off the coast of California pushed further in, giving us a miserably rainy and cool day. Add on some strong, gusty winds and it made the day even rawer. The 15 at Cajon Pass -the main freeway between us and Las Vegas -has been closed most of the day due to the heavy snow. And the 5, the main way north out of LA (also knows as the Grapevine) has been closed as well.

With Monday's rain and today's, one could say that the fire season is over. Still, you can never count fire season out. This could be all we get and by February or March, be back into it. But, we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Still, it looks like when this rain event ends sometime overnight, it should be nice weather ahead. But nice does not mean warm. It looks like this cool, below normal temps should be with us through Christmas day.

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