15 December 2008

Christmas at Disneyland

On Sunday, I began my year long annual pass at Disneyland. I had been thinking of this for a while, if only because I've never done something like this and I'm fairly close to the theme park, a short 25 miles (though on freeways and byways of SoCal, this sometimes could take long time). Also, some of the people associated with HF Productions have annual tickets, and I thought I could spend time with them and be less of a loner. Of course, I'm also excited about going there by myself, in hopes of exploring the park alone.

I did not buy the whole deal pass -the 365 one. I went with the 215 SoCal one which has blackout dates (I can still go during those times, its just I pay a fee of $40). It gives me most Sundays and almost every weekday. I'm planning to take sometime off in January just to do this (and because I have plenty of vacation time coming to me).

Anyways, it was a fun day. I do enjoy people watching -which is another bonus about going by myself. I saw -of course - two gay boys (which is oxmoronic, considering that probably half of Disney theme park employee's of guys is probably gay) trying to good by not being open about being a couple. But, as they passed by me, I noticed them. They would touch hands as the walked, one would grab it, or they touched pinkies. I saw one just briefly put his hand in the backpocket of his boyfriend. It was kinda cute.

And I've never been to the park during the Christmas holidays, and they really go out for it -I now want to go next Halloween. I loved the way they took the Haunted Mansion and turned it into the Nightmare Before Christmas. We went on the revamped, just opened It's a Small World which was annoying and yet very pretty to look at.

The Toy Story ride turned out to be a blast over at the California Adventure,Park and I always like the Hollywood Tower of Terror, so a good time was had there. I left just before the fireworks -though heard them going off. It made me wonder what the people who do live around there think of that, hearing them every night, 365 time a year.

Left at 9:40, home at 10:10. Pretty good time, if I say so myself.

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